New Blog Features

We know that most of you read the blog in your email inbox.  That's great.  It's quick and easy.  But we also want to make you aware of some new features starting in December that you'll only be able to use if you view the blog on our website.  In short, all posts from December 1, 2017 on will be grouped to make it easier to find past content.  

We will be using "tags" so you can quickly find posts that may be on the same topic but written at different points in time.  For instance, if the tag "codependency" shows up at the bottom of a post (on the website) you can click on that tag and see all the posts we've ever written on codependency.  

You can also:  

  • Find posts based on month and year of creation
  • Find posts based on the author (view all posts an author has ever written)

Bear in mind these features will only apply to posts moving forward and will not apply to the archived posts from our prior blog host and, because of that, it will take a little bit of time before they become really useful.  Even so, we want you to know what's on the horizon and let you know there will be benefits to getting out of your email and onto the website.