Reaching out for help

I know folks who rotate in and out of recovery.  They are often the more opinionated among us with regards to what it means to work a decent program.  Here’s what I would suggest as an alternative perspective.



If you’ve tried the same things, done it the same way, and have failed to get any different results - maybe change something.


This may require some stretch.


When my mom died I was shaken and distraught.  I was depressed.  I was sick for months - literally, not just figuratively.  After several months I began to regain some health and I used that energy to reach out.


I have developed a cadre of resources over the years to support my recovery but my toolbox felt rusty and unsatisfying so I chose instead to pick up a new tool.  I added to my resources by getting a personal trainer and she helped reshape my philosophy of both exercise and nutrition.


It turns out that shaking things up can be good for us.  


What old habits do you keep returning to in the hopes that you will get new and different results?  What other healthy, new methods might you explore?