An Ideal Process Part II

The other piece of the ideal process is the act of working towards an end with the knowledge that the end we imagine may never come to be.  

For our frustrated families whose loved ones have yet to enter recovery, the only end in mind is a sober loved one, living a happy and productive life, making lots of money, having a family, etc. etc.  Obviously I’m generalizing our hopes a little bit here.  What I mean is, dedicating ourselves to a process of recovery living seems worth it if we’re promised the end we want.  

Our achievement-oriented mindsets convince us that a certain series of tasks must be “worth it,” they must be “effective,” or “productive” in order to undertake them.  What happens if we dedicate ourselves to recovery-living and we do not get the desired outcome?  It doesn't seem worth the effort.  

I can't help but ask:  Should we only pursue these efforts if we feel that our desired end is likely (or probable)?  

I’ll unpack this further tomorrow.