Is it worth it?

Should we only pursue a certain course of action in life if we feel that our desired end is likely (or probable)?  

It takes profound courage to dedicate yourself to a totally unpredictable pursuit.  In recovery, the only real promise we offer is, "This will be good for you."  But, again, we run into a problem.  In what sense will it be good?  

If you loved someone dealing with a substance use disorder, as is the case with our family from earlier in the month, you may regain a certain quality of life.  You may gain a bit of peace as you learn to establish boundaries that protect you and your home.  You may be comforted by the knowledge that you're doing the best you can.  You may see modest improvements in how you interact with others or how they interact with you.  

Yet, you may not see your loved one enter long-term recovery.