You don't have to be thankful for Thanksgiving

I fully expect to wake up the morning after Thanksgiving and hear about some of my friends’ hangovers. Not the hangover that goes with over-indulging in all its many forms, but one that leaves its mark nonetheless. I’m talking about the post traumatic stress from dashed expectations hangover. You know the one.

We went into Thanksgiving with our marching orders - lead with compassion, lower expectations. Do NOT talk politics. Have an escape plan if the partying gets out of hand. We reviewed our notes from the books, and groups and hopefully a weekend message or two and prepared ourselves for living with our inspired way of seeing while sidestepping the family traditions of mocking and teasing and shaming and fighting that so many of us have experienced in large family gatherings. Some of us may have even opted out of family events, choosing instead our families of choice to break bread with and practice new ways of living among.


Friday can be a bit of bummer.

What’s up with that? What are you thoughts? I’m curious.