Michel Quoist wrote a book named “Prayers” (Sheed & Ward Inc., 1963) that I have appreciated for decades.  The author, Father Michel Quoist, was a Catholic priest, theologian and writer.



I love the structure of this book; he poetically leads us through his core conviction that if we knew how to listen to God all of life would become a prayer.  Here is one of his poems. It presents both comfort and challenge. I like to imagine that after a particular sorrowful day, this is what God has to say to me. And to you….


Son, I have heard you.

I am sorry for you.

I have long been watching your closed shutters.

Open them; my light will come in.

I have long been standing at your locked door; open it;

You will find me on the threshold.


I am waiting for you, the others are waiting for you, but you must open, you must come out.


Why choose to be a prisoner of yourself?

You are free.

It is not I who locked the door, it is not I who can open it.

...For it is you, from the inside, who persist in keeping it firmly barred.

Michel Quoist, p. 114-115 Prayers



May we all accept the help; enter the challenge. Amen