Success, hope, and joy

From yesterday:  What vision of success fosters hope, joy, and meaning, rather than anxiety and competition?  Click here to get caught up.


The primary problem we all have with our culture's definition of success (acquiring wealth and prestige), whether we know it or not, is that it is dehumanizing.  It does not foster meaning, provide us with hope, or fill us with joy.  It does not provide us an identity or sense of self that can withstand our failures in life- which we will inevitably have.  At least, it (wealth and prestige) can not provide us these things in the long run.  We may have individual moments of each but, ultimately, we find ourselves living in despair if our aims are as low as wealth and prestige. 


How do we find an alternative that does stimulate us while also fostering our growth as people in recovery and people of faith who desire to reflect God's image in our lives? 


It starts with the realization that there is no one-size fits-all solution.  People want different things from their lives and people find meaning in different places, even if we share the lenses of faith and recovery in common.  In other words, I'm hoping this string of devotionals will inspire you to formulate your own vision of success based on your priorities.


More on this tomorrow.