Success and transformation: It takes a while.

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It can take a lifetime to make a very small amount of progress living into our God-given identity.  Becoming a successful person means being willing to step out on a limb to simply try to accept this "new" self.  It's an act of great courage- because our failures will give rise to doubts. 


Are my efforts inauthentic?  Am I really trying?  Nobody is worse at submitting to God than I am.  Does God love me?  I'm too far gone.  There is no hope for me.  Have I rejected his love?  Will he accept me back? 


The courage comes in facing those questions head-on and pushing forward with our call to love ourselves, God, and others.  We will fail.  And yet, we proceed.  Proceeding is our call.  And it is an act of hope, particularly when are in the midst of despair.