A Power Greater than All of Us

Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. 
Braving The Wilderness, p. 45



In a recent sermon Scott talked about how he heard a lecture by John Goldingay.  Dr. Goldingay was responding to a question asking him about what he would say to the American church as parting wisdom (he is leaving his position in the U.S. and returning to England, so it was within the context of honoring his tenure and marking a life transition for him).


One of the things he said went something like this:  We need to get back to understanding that doing God’s work (some say "building the Kingdom" or "Kingdom Work") is really God’s work to do, and we have accidentally gotten in the habit of thinking that he is counting on us to do it all.  His challenge is so refreshing. Instead of whipping his listeners up into a frenzy of renewed effort to evangelize the lost and save the world, he is saying - hey, God has got this. Calm yourselves.  Do your small part and that is good enough.


It is a lovely sentiment and Brene gives it a nod when she says “we are...connected to each other by a power greater than all of us”.  


A power greater than us is at work.  If we believe that than I suspect we can accept our limitations, our opportunities to sacrifice, our moments of doing one small next right thing with more peace and joy.  We can celebrate, maybe a small yippee, even when we are suffering because we can remember that we are in good hands.