Success and Sacrifice

I don't think we spend enough time asking ourselves questions.  So often we're out of balance simply because we haven't taken the time to deeply reflect.  Use these questions today as a guide in re-thinking success and the role it has played in your life.


Do you live as if you value what you say you value?  Do you prioritize it?


Consider sacrifice.


Do you sacrifice?


Do you give up an opportunity for more money because you know it will benefit you, your family, or your community in other ways (ie., it benefits your mental health, happiness, availability, etc.)?  In other words, are you willing to live a simpler, humbler life in order to help others thrive? Conversely, are you willing to take on more responsibility in order to help others thrive? Are you aware when you want to say yes to something simply because of ego?  If so, are you then able to say no?