Take care of yourself

I gaze at my grandchildren and desperately wish I could provide them the perfect cover and protection for a life without trials and tribulations.  This is my sincere desire even though I understand that this will not happen and even if I could manage to muster up such a massive amount of control and domination against living life on life’s terms it would be terrible for them.  They would grow up weak and not well.


Still, I dare to dream.


Fortunately for them I am obsessed with this study of trauma, conflict and resiliency.  I’ve learned that the elimination of conflict is not only impossible it is bad for our health.  What is GOOD for us is the capacity to take care of self and others.


Here is a suggested list of how we manage that:  diet, exercise, fiscal responsibility, wellness check-ups, asking for help, and commitment to taking care of others when they cannot care for themselves.  Volunteers build resiliency even as they serve others.


So take care my friend!  Let’s be good to one another!