Murderous Resentment

Cain and Abel are biblical examples of resentment gone wild.  As a reminder, because I myself cannot keep the two brothers straight, Abel brought an offering to God as did Cain.  But they received different responses from God as it related to each offering.  

God was pleased with Abel’s offering; he was not pleased with Cain’s.  

Cain was not at all curious about why his offering was rejected.  Was it because God is at heart a carnivore, more pleased with Abel’s meaty offering than he was with Cain’s garden goodies?  Unlikely.  

Instead of talking to God about the situation, which would have made sense seeing as how it was God who rejected the offering, Cain lashed out and murdered his brother Abel.  

Cain’s bitter resentment resulted in him killing his brother, who by all accounts had done nothing wrong and in fact, had done a lovely thing - given an acceptable offering to God.  

This is one of many problems with resentment.  It is often mis-directed.  Abel got caught in the cross-fire of Cain’s bitter indignation with God.

Are there any resentments that you are struggling with that have gotten misdirected?  Anyone you are picking on?  Are you blaming someone else for a problem that is really between you and another?