Consequences teach us about ourselves

When we ask God what we should do, the right answers will come if we want them... if I’m willing to grow, if I’m willing to invite God into this area of my life.” Anonymous

Consequences. Sometimes only God can help me deal with those. If you want to explore this part of your life, make a list of the consequences that have come about because of your shortcomings and harmful patterns of behavior. Take stock of how your actions have caused people to react in certain ways. If you continue to work the steps, there is a process that allows you to address how you repair and restore these broken things from your past. I hope it encourages you a bit to know that all the heavy lifting in the restoration department will be God’s. We will follow his lead.

A sampling of common consequences that we have often found on fourth steps: loss of self-worth, virginity, values, boundaries, trust, self-control, self-respect, credit, property, respect of others, intimacy, jobs, marriage, children, spiritual connection with God. Other issues include: guilt, shame, humiliation, rejection, isolation, loneliness, repressed emotions, self-hatred, stress, health issues, financial problems, etc.

Any ring your chimes?