Recovering our lives asks us to re-remember. We observe and acknowledge the world we have constructed for ourselves - what we have chosen to focus on and obsess over. We admit that our ways of being in the world are not working. We do not have to figure all that out but we do need to accept the truth of our failed strategies for making life work. We commit to examining and re-evaluating what we remember - we know something has to change!

Inevitably, we will need to deconstruct some of our confidently held beliefs about God, ourselves and the world. This will require a certain degree of trust in something bigger than ourselves (God and even other mentors), a big dose of humility (I could be wrong), and a LOT of work to reconstruct our life in a way that is workable.

How does this sound to you? Overwhelming? It’s not as overwhelming as living life alone and disconnected from your virtue! One step at a time - just take one step at a time. And breathe.