Facing Limitations

We all have limitations of various kinds. Some of us have been so deeply wounded that we have become detached from our own lives to the extent that we experience a limited range of emotion. It is difficult to connect. Some of us experience unexpected, random tragedy, such as the loss of a child. This is a grief that never quite subsides. Some of us develop dependencies on substances while watching others who use in an identical manner go on about their lives unharmed. Some of us have physical limitations, such as sight or hearing or even strength. Some of us have mental limitations such as intelligence or a mood disorder or a psychotic disorder. These limitations places confines on our lives. Or, at least, they have that potential. Certainly some types of limitations can be transcended, even overcome, others we must simply learn to live with.

It’s the latter kind I’m particularly interested in as I write these posts over the next few days. Some limitations will always be there and must learn to live alongside them. They put confines around the types of outcomes we can expect to experience in life and we can only learn to tolerate or accept that reality. What do I mean by this? Stay tuned. I’ll begin to unpack this tomorrow.