Don't judge yourself as you make an inventory

Most of us do not skate through life without experiences that are quite upsetting, even traumatizing to us. Trauma is an interesting phenomena. We cannot judge what trauma means for anyone but ourselves.

I am a person who is particularly sensitive to issues related to security and safety. This is my deal. This is how I see the world, and it is no one else’s fault or responsibility. Since I see the world this way, events that I perceive as threatening to either security or safety have a much bigger impact on me than someone who does not share my worldview.

When we seek to raise our self-awareness, our particular ways of seeing the world will be a factor in how we perceive what has happened to us over the years and how it has affected us. We must not judge ourselves in this regard.

As you inventory - be gentle with yourself and do not filter your responses based on whether or not you think your reactions are reasonable, right or fair! Just write!