Preparing a Sex Inventory Part II

Our sexual instincts are part of the survival mechanism in our brain. Procreation is a drive all species need to not end up extinct. But sometimes our instincts get confused or messed up. It’s not just about the sexual act either - it is also about the nature of relationships with those you are attracted to as well. You do not have to limit your list to explicit sexual experiences!

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is recommended that we focus on how our sexual instincts have hurt others. Here are some questions to guide your sexual inventory. Use four columns.

1. Who did I hurt as a result of my sexual instincts?

* Write one column that focuses on your sexual attitudes.

* Write a second column that addresses your behaviors.

1. How was I affected by this event?

2. What shortcomings does this example reveal?

There are two extremes we might uncover. One - a sexual impulse that is out of control. Another - a sexual impulse that is repressed and non-functioning. This inventory may require more thought than you might first think if the only thing you are inventorying is sexual acting out!

Ok folks, if you want to inventory - get started. If not, maybe give a bit of consideration to the fact that our sexuality may be more complicated than we have assumed.