Questions for exploring your sexual attitudes

When we do our sexual inventory, part of our work will include discussions about our sexual attitudes. Here are some questions for you to use to help complete your inventory or if you are interested in delving a bit into your own patterns around sex.

● How have you responded to sexual pressures? Explain.

● Have you made inappropriate sexual suggestions or advances to any of your children or other minors? Had sexual contact with them? Explain.

● Have you made excuses or lied about your sexual desires? Explain.

● When your sexual advances were not accepted by your partner, how did you feel? How did you respond?

● Conversely, how have you responded to your partner’s sexual advances? Have you withheld sex as a punishment? Have you been dishonest and said ‘yes’ when you meant ‘no’?

● Have you used rejection as an excuse for sexual contact outside a committed relationship? (Infidelity can be overtly sexual or emotional.) Explain.

● Have you had an affair/s and blamed the person you had the affair with (They pursued me, what could I do?) Explain.

● Have you ever explained a sexual encounter as baffling, unexplainable or “it just happened”? Explain.

● Have you ever said, “I couldn’t help it” while explaining a sexual encounter? Explain.

● Have you blamed your partner for sexual dalliances outside the marriage? Explain.

● Have you used pornography? Journal about that.

Anything come up as you journal that really freaks you out? Go talk to someone!