Financial Inventories

If you desire to think about your financial inventory, here are some prompts:

* Make a thorough list of examples that indicate how your impulses to either make, spend or hoard money reflects any insecurities or obsessions with your financial status.

* Have you been selfish in the pursuit of money or possessions? Give examples.

* Give examples of financial irresponsibility - when have you spent more money than you could afford? Again - examples please!

* What financial consequences have you suffered as a result of your Substance Use Disorder?

* Did you default on any loans or other financial responsibilities? List.

* Did gambling impact your finances? If so, provide examples.

As you make your list of financial insecurities, here are some additional questions to help you fill out your financial insecurity list:

* What character traits/shortcomings have contributed to financial insecurity? (Did I lie, cheat, steal?)

* What effect did this have on you? Your family? Your community?