Which emotions do you avoid?

If you are working through your emotional inventory and as you consider your emotional inventory - do you notice any emotions missing? Can you find instances of too much anxiety, not enough joy? It is common for us to limit the full range of our emotional capacity when we are not healthy. Is this true for you?

1. Make a list of your primary emotions.

2. Make a list of emotions that you have neglected, repressed, ignored.

3. Have any of your emotions become shortcomings? Which ones?

If this exercise does not interest you, that’s okay. Plenty of days I choose to just blame my bad mood on my husband and completely ignore my own personal responsibility. Okay, okay, that’s a little joke. But in all seriousness, are you taking the time you need to really consider your emotional range?

Please try, spouses everywhere will thank you!! And, if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, a little self-reflection will along way in friendships and work relationships and everywhere else!