How We Help

NSC has a few primary goals.  One of these is to increase the recovery resources available to each person or family in need in our community without adding to their costs.  What does this look like?  

Consult & Refer

Many people new to the world recovery find it's a difficult place to navigate on their own.  They may be unfamiliar with the options available and have no means to evaluate the effectiveness of the options they do find.  

We at NSC are aware of the options available and, rest assured, there are plenty of options no matter your situation or budget.  We can help you navigate the options and find a recovery path that is a good fit for you, your loved one, and your family and are happy to offer this to our community free of charge thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Family Education

In partnership with FCCR, the Coleman Institute, Caron Foundation, Family Intervention Center of VA, the VCU Wellness Resource Center, and Caritas, we host and help provide weekly addiction education to the community at large, again, completely free of charge.  In addition to the education, you'll find much-needed support in the form of other individuals and families also battling addiction.

Topics include: Family discussion panels, the role of genetics in addiction, treatment options, navigating the use of insurance for treatment, and many more.  The group meets at 6:30 pm on Thursday nights at NSC.

To learn more about our partners, click here.

Faith & Recovery

NSC is a faith-based organization.  The relationship between the faith-based community and the recovery community has long been complicated.  We believe in the power of collaboration and believe it's important to be exposed to as many ideas and approaches as possible in order to be helpful to people in both their recovery and spirituality, believing these two are deeply intertwined.  

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and strive to stay educated on the breadth and depth of resources available so we can be helpful to people in all walks of life.  

We use our weekend services as a place to have conversations about the areas of intersection between our faith and our recovery trusting that these conversations will support and encourage both areas.