Session II


Notes (The word “Notes” is a link, click it.)


Read Section 1
Read pp.92 - 94 in the Appendix section
Locate your appropriate Enneagram Fact Sheet (these start on p.41) so you can have it handy during class

Correction for the fact sheets for ONES:  Your virtue is serenity, not security. 

Several items will be added, including a bibliography and some attributions for many of the notes in the Appendix - as most of those are the work of others.

Important points in summary that bear pondering:

1. When the word “type” is used, it is not referring to a type of personality, it is acknowledging a particular path that will be specifically helpful to maintain conscious contact with God - all based on your enneagram number.  
2. Your number does not change.  The math of the enneagram is quite complex and orderly, this helps us understand our connections with other numbers BUT it does not mean we are those numbers.
3. Intelligence centers - how we observe our connections; how we experience the world
4. Harmony Triads - how we connect with our observations; how we function in the world
5.  I love the Holy ideas and virtues, because they point us toward our most virtuous capacity.
6.  All of our virtues will be under assault in this very humble, human and sometimes broken world.  This will elicit very specific responses in us based on type that distract us from our virtue.
7. Transformation does not solve our problems; prayer postures are not solely intended to make us feel better; we are often agitated and disrupted (our way of experiencing the world) when we practice spiritual disciplines.  All is well - this is as it should be.

Next week - we will spend more time with pp. 14 - 18 in section 1.  We will cover pp. 21 and 22 in section 2.  I think this is probably how much content we can bear in one session!