A Living Prayer

A prayer for you on this day…


Lord, for the sins of this past year, we beg you for mercy.  Here our cry.  For the sins of others who have hurt us this year, we beg you for mercy on their behalf.  Here our cry.  Grant us your Spirit, to lead us into a heart of repentance and forgiveness.


For the times this year when we have forgotten who we are because of who you are, we ask your forgiveness.  Here our cry. 


And as we leave this year and begin afresh, we invite you to give us the rest you have promised, provide the abundance of life and vitality that you desire for us, and give us a willingness to do your will.  Here our cry.


Deliver us.  Amen


And for your listening….

Click here to listen to Deliver Us.

It was not a silent night...

We romanticize life and I’m not sure it serves us well.  My early remembrances of the birth of Jesus sounded more like a Disney movie along the plotline of Cinderella than the story that I actually find in the scriptures.  There was a new baby – who didn’t cry by the way!  And although the Inn was full the stable sounded cool what with all the animals and such.  Sort of like camping.  And who could forget the gifts?  And the star – that must have looked awesome!


Here’s a song that while beautiful also rings more true than my romantic notions about the birth of Jesus.  Enjoy!  

Click here to listen to Labor of Love.

Tell them, Isaiah

Isaiah told his people what God said.  Even as exile loomed God did not forget his promises to Abraham.  Isaiah told them – God’s rescue is coming.  And although God will take his sweet time in arriving, God is not to be denied.


And this is one man’s telling of that message:  Behold the Lamb of God


Forgetful as we all are, God does not. 


The Lamb of God.

He comes….

Ancient and Strong

Here you go, listen to this and we’ll chat tomorrow! 


Here’s a song that Andrew Peterson sings that speaks to the time period mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  Click here to listen to So Long, Moses.

Pass Over Us

There’s this song from the Andrew Peterson collection in Behold the Lamb of God that KILLS me every time I hear it.  Do yourself a favor and listen to it. Click here to listen on YouTube.


Tomorrow we’ll chat.


You are welcome.