In 1999, a team of people recognized the Church's need to address issues of addiction, trauma, abuse, divorce, and more...


Our History

In response to these growing societal issues, our team created a faith-based recovery service as part of an 8-week pilot project that met in an elementary school.  At the end of 8 weeks we just kept meeting and have never stopped.  We continue to explore new ways to help address recovery issues in our community through support groups, meetings, education, and creative partnerships and referrals.


We see our goal for today as being much the same as it was in 1999.  We want to be the spiritual component of a well-rounded recovery program.  Gathering together in a faith-based community supports the work done in rehabilitation centers, meeting rooms, and individual and group therapy; it does not replace these things.

As proud as we are of that role, we are also more than that. We are here to guide anyone in our community that needs help finding and utilizing recovery resources. If you or your loved one is struggling with a recovery issue, then get in touch and we can walk you through the process of finding the resources you need.