God Loves The Sorry People

If you watched the video about Curtis, I wonder if you came to the same conclusions I did:


1.    Curtis is a bit indulged so thinking of himself as “less than” is shocking.

2.    Is there a healthy middle ground between King and Sorry Person?


On a larger scale, what does this little clip have to do with us spiritually?  I think quite a lot.  When we move on in the scriptures to Joshua 24, we discover the Israelites on the verge of entering the Promised Land.  Spies were sent to scope out the current inhabitants and make an invasion plan.


Two guys in the search party wanted to trust God and move forward; the rest were afraid and held back.  God received this news as rebellion so God gave them exactly what they feared – no entrance into the land.  Eventually the doubters died off and the remaining Israelites did indeed claim the land promised them so many years before.


As their new lead guy, Joshua reminded his rag tag band of Israelites of their past infidelity and asked a solid question: “Choose this day whom you will serve.”  Josh. 24:15


As we draw near to our sacred Christmas holiday and the end of yet another year, maybe we would be well-served to notice if there is some area in our own lives where we are behaving more like King Curtis than a faithful servant of God.


In the case of the Israelites, they told Joshua that they would repent even as he reminded them that they weren’t capable of faithfulness.  He reminded them that at this point their freedom and security depended on their ability to follow God and serve him only.  Joshua had done what he could do, but he could not compel them to live as men and women who loved God.  Joshua was proven right; the Israelites soon strayed.


Fortunately for us, God loves sorry people.

King Curtis and The Sorry People

A few years ago a little boy named Curtis became well known on a show called “Wife Swap”.  He came from a family of indulgence.  Mom and Dad did whatever it took to make their two children happy.  Curtis accurately read the tea leaves and named himself, “King Curtis.”


But the show “Wife Swap” is all about shaking things up; King Curtis’ mom was replaced with a fitness instructor who ran a tight ship in her own home.  Naturally, fireworks ensued:


Watch this.   


Tomorrow we are going to talk about it.