Success as Mercy

I don't think we spend enough time asking ourselves questions.  So often we're out of balance simply because we haven't taken the time to deeply reflect.  Use these questions today as a guide in re-thinking success and the role it has played in your life.


Do you live as if you value what you say you value?  Do you prioritize it?


Consider "the kingdom."  The kingdom of God is the new reality God is bringing to earth, a reality that perfectly represents God's will for creation.  It is defined by mercy, grace, forgiveness, and self-sacrificial love. It is a place where all are valued and have status. It is our call to point to this reality.


Do you consider whether or not you demonstrate mercy, or grace, or forgiveness, or self-sacrifice love?  Do you consider whether or not these are defining traits in your life, and in your community's life? Are you attempting to move in this direction, however imperfectly we may do so?


Do you consider whether or not you display these attitudes at work?  At home? With friends? With family? When you fall short, do you strive to right that wrong?


If so, you are successful.