Listening to Experience

Years ago Dale Ryan recorded the voices of some recovering folks; those interviews are available in their totality at You should check them out! But I particularly loved this quote...

I really feel like I left no stone unturned in looking for something that would fix me...I could run down a laundry list of things that didn’t...Despite my most sincere desire to never repeat that experience and use that [experience] as a springboard to change my life and make something good come of it, I still used...What other human power is there? So if no human power will save me and I see something working in the lives of other people...just like me...can I afford not to try it? That’s the question I needed to ask myself.

By the Book

If your life is rocking along without crisis or drama, cool. But if it isn’t, perhaps the wisdom of others can provide you much needed support. Maybe you need to look outside yourself for the support you need today. Who can you reach out to that has what you need? Reach out!!

Source of the quote: at 12:50 - 14:20.

Ideals versus realities

It may be time to “let go and let God.”


Relationships are conditional.  Love can be unconditional – especially if we are standing close to God and receiving his love as a gift that we can pass along to others.  But relationships are conditional. 


People teach us that their best still puts us at risk at times and we have to distance ourselves for the sake of our own recovery journey.  Perhaps we come face-to-face with the cold, hard truth that our best has not been enough to create a healthy relationship with others.  Maybe our own behaviors cost us relationships too.


As we prepare for the new year, can we acknowledge this?  Maybe get some support to help us unearth what is ours to admit, acknowledge and repair?  This is always a good place to start and finish a daily examen.


May we find the support we need to continue our journey!  And may we be the support others need as they travel their respective roads to recovery too.