Needs versus Wants

Many of us fear that the law of scarcity is true and we will never get what we need to sustain life.  If we’ve managed to acquire some semblance of security, our fear turns to terror of losing what we have worked so hard to acquire.  This is so normal.


One of the points we attempt to make on a regular basis is this idea that God is for us.  He wants to give us stuff.  Not shiny trinkets or the fulfillment obsessions that prove distracting.  God is interested in giving us an inspired way of seeing that reflects His way of being.  It is in this sacred space that abundance takes on new and richer meaning.


In preparation for receiving this vision, I’m going to take some time today to list my needs versus my wants.  I’m going to ask myself some tough follow up questions that may include the following:


1.     Am I willing to deliberately give up my fascination with my wants for the sake of preparing myself to receive true abundance?

2.    Am I ready to do my part to participate in the work of taking care of my needs so that I am better prepared to help others who cannot provide for their own?

3.    What am I clutching onto so tight that my eyes are closed to a new and different way of evaluating my life?


I’m not super excited about this activity BUT I am extremely motivated to continue my quest for bringing my life into alignment with a God who continues to promise me rest and abundance.