Live Messages (and recaps)

Here we find un-edited audio of our live messages (light grey files) and discussion recaps (black files).  We hope this is useful. The live messages are not always easy to listen to due to the fact that you can’t hear all the of the audience interaction. The non-live versions hope to compensate for that.

Disclaimer:  We have intentionally not made this page public because people share sensitive information at times during our messages and you can hear their voices in the audio.  We want to respect the right to share without having what's shared be widely available.  For this reason, we ask you not to share this particular page, but we would greatly appreciate it if you shared our non-live podcast that appears on Google and iTunes.

Sharing:  If you know someone who wishes to download the audio, please have them email Scott so that he can explain our privacy concerns before guiding people to this site.