Message Recaps

Part one in a series where Teresa teaches us how to love in all of our relationships.

Teresa gives advice on managing compulsivity both as individuals and as a community.
Scott recaps the key points of a recent message on Powerlessness and Responsibility in faith and recovery.
Teresa recaps a message where she talks about the fact that compulsivity prevents us from showing up for the work of living as faithful people.
Scott recaps a message on powerlessness and the importance of relying on community.
Teresa McBean recaps a message about Jeremiah 29, a passage that encourages finding meaning in difficult times through building community.

Ask the Ass. Pastor

Scott gives practical tips on preparing for and dealing with a child who is using drugs.

Scott discusses the first step in thinking through what to do with a child who is using drugs.

In this week's Ask the Ass. Pastor, Scott takes on the question of self forgiveness.
Scott explores why the 12 steps can be helpful to Christians.
Scott attempts to answer the question, "Why do we answer the Enneagram?"